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Dragon's Den
Open during all lunches, 10:45 to 12:15
Monday and Tuesday from 7:15 to 7:30 AM
Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 2:45 PM

All 18 year old males by law must register for selective service.  You can register online at or at any post office.  Failure to register is against the law and could result in a fine, prison time and loss of financial aid for college.  If you have any questions please talk to your guidance counselor.


How to log into your student GMAIL account: 
The FIRST time you log into GMAIL it must be from a school computer!

  - Log onto the computer as you normally would. If this is the first time this year logging in to the computer you will have to change your password.
  - Go to GMAIL    HS Google Student Email Login

·         Username is your first initial, last initials, student i.d. number@

·         Password is whatever you made your password for logging onto the computer.

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Snap Shots for the Yearbook!!
Yearbook photographers can’t be everywhere. 
If you have great photos from a School or Community happening, upload them here for us to try and include in the yearbook!

HS Calendar


Seniors, don’t forget to turn in your mock election ballots into your English teacher by April 30th.


Keep in mind guys that Time is running out to buy your yearbook! Personalization closes May 18th. You can order one online or save $5.00 and order one by April 30th from a yearbook staff member. You can get an order form in the office, see Mrs. Karagosian or a Yearbook staff member and you cannot order after May 25th.


ATTENTION SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS: It’s not too late to sign up to participate in Co-op for your junior or senior year! If you signed up with your counselor and have not filled out an application please do so by April 20th. Just stop by the co-op office to grab your application.


Common Ground will be selling snack pack pudding this Wednesday, April 29th during all three lunches


The last day to buy prom tickets will be next Tuesday, April 28th. Make sure you have your permission slips signed in order to purchase your tickets.


If you are a sophomore or junior interested in joining peers who care, you can stop by Mrs. Culver’s office for an application. Applications are due Friday, May 1st. And Current PWC members need to re-apply for next year. If any of you are interested in being a mentor to an elementary student next school year we have openings for a 1 hour per week mentor program for 1st semester of next school year. Stop by Mrs. Culver’s office for an application. Applications are due Friday, May 15th.


IF you are attending the flint metro league student council meeting next Tuesday, please stop and pick up your permission slip from Mrs. Cumming today.


Seniors – do you need MONEY for college? There are many scholarships available but many application deadlines are quickly approaching. Ask your counselor for information AND look in your English 12 class for the SCHOLARSHIP POSTER highlighting some of the Memorial Scholarships being offered.


Seniors need to turn their mock election ballots into their ENGLISH teacher no later than April 30th.


Today is your last day to send in transformation Tuesday photos. Your photos can be sent into Hannah Jaworski Hunter Johnson and Michael Wolos twitter account. @HannahJaworski @Huntermj07 and @qbrusha


Next week, Leadership class will be collecting new or gently used stuffed animals in Mrs. Cumming’s room at any time before, during, or after school.. At the end of the week, a few of our students will be taking the stuffed animals to Hurley hospital for the children there.


It is their goal to collect up to 300 stuffed animals, but if everyone brings in a stuffed animal it will be over 1,000 toys. Make it your goal to help these hospitalized children and bring in a stuffed animal.


Starting next Monday during all lunches, there will be a milk container in the lunch room for every first hour class. Your job is to fill the milk jugs for your first hour with money. The milk containers can be filled with any type of money, coins, paper dollars, gold bars... whatever you can do to fill your container and raise money. The first class to completely fill their milk jug will be the winner of the challenge. The catch is, whichever first hour class fills their container first gets 10 % of all the money. And the second class to fill their container receives 5% of all of the money. The rest of the proceeds go to the Swartz Creek Community Food Basket. Everyone start saving!


One Dragon Drive
Swartz Creek, MI  48473
Phone: 810-591-1800
FAX: 810-591-1895

School Improvement Plan

Sandra Macut, Principal
(810) 591-1815

Rebecca Natzel
Secretary to Principal
(810) 591-1815

Jan Kauzlarich
Assistant Principal
(810) 591-1802

Brenda Tushim
(810) 591-1804

Anthony Suchanek
Assistant Principal
(810) 591-1803

Kristi Packer
(810) 591-1806

Detention Room
(810) 591-1826
Attendance Aide
(810) 591-1899