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All 18 year old males by law must register for selective service.  You can register online at or at any post office.  Failure to register is against the law and could result in a fine, prison time and loss of financial aid for college.  If you have any questions please talk to your guidance counselor.


How to log into your student GMAIL account: 
The FIRST time you log into GMAIL it must be from a school computer!

  - Log onto the computer as you normally would. If this is the first time this year logging in to the computer you will have to change your password.
  - Go to GMAIL    HS Google Student Email Login

·         Username is your first initial, last initials, student i.d. number@

·         Password is whatever you made your password for logging onto the computer.

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Snap Shots for the Yearbook!!
Yearbook photographers can’t be everywhere. 
If you have great photos from a School or Community happening, upload them here for us to try and include in the yearbook!

HS Calendar


ATTENTION SENIORS: The proof pages for Senior Photos are now posted on the front office window. Spread the word to check the poster to be sure your senior photo is correct. If you find an error or omission, complete a “Request for Change” form  found right inside the main office doors.  The deadline is January 30, 2015. Corrections can be submitted to or hard copies can be given to Mrs. Karagosian in Room 404 or Yearbook 6th hour in Room 402,  BUT NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE WITHOUT AN ACCOMPANYING  WRITTEN REQUEST FOR CHANGES FORM!

Didn’t eat lunch? Well here’s an answer to your hunger. It’s Peanut butter and Jelly time. Sandwiches are made by Key Club in Mrs. Anthony’s room today after school.

Anchor 2: Are you ready for the challenge of TeenQuest to help you develop the necessary skills to prepare for a job, get a job, and keep a job? Noah is going to explain it to you. Have fun, bud.

Anchor 1: Oh I will. TeenQuest is a free pre-employment leadership training program for Genesee County high school students. Successful completion of this five week, after school training program will be your entry to apply to the 2015 Summer Youth Initiative Job Fair along with access to other employment opportunities throughout the year. Swartz Creek High School is hosting a session from February 23rd to March 26th! You can pick up an application from Mrs. Ortiz in the Career Resource Center. Don’t miss out….Register soon…!!!

Attention seniors, COLLEGE GOAL SUNDAY is Sunday, February 8 at Mott Community College-in the RTC Building. There will be FREE on-site professional assistance filling out FAFSA and opportunities to win scholarships.

Any juniors who have been given a Returning Student Application for next year at the GCI and are interested in returning must have the application turned in by Friday January 30th. I would suggest not to turn it in late, you know what happened to the last kid who did that? Boy oh boy, Phoebe...

Mr. Cumming has black out -long sleeve shirts for sale. But only size small, so little ones... They are $10

SCVP are on their way down to Florida to compete for Nationals.

One Dragon Drive
Swartz Creek, MI  48473
Phone: 810-591-1800
FAX: 810-591-1895

School Improvement Plan

Sandra Macut, Principal
(810) 591-1815

Rebecca Natzel
Secretary to Principal
(810) 591-1815

Jan Kauzlarich
Assistant Principal
(810) 591-1802

Brenda Tushim
(810) 591-1804

Anthony Suchanek
Assistant Principal
(810) 591-1803

Kristi Packer
(810) 591-1806

Detention Room
(810) 591-1826
Attendance Aide
(810) 591-1899