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All 18 year old males by law must register for selective service.  You can register online at or at any post office.  Failure to register is against the law and could result in a fine, prison time and loss of financial aid for college.  If you have any questions please talk to your guidance counselor.


How to log into your student GMAIL account: 
The FIRST time you log into GMAIL it must be from a school computer!

  - Log onto the computer as you normally would. If this is the first time this year logging in to the computer you will have to change your password.
  - Go to GMAIL    HS Google Student Email Login

·         Username is your first initial, last initials, student i.d. number@

·         Password is whatever you made your password for logging onto the computer.

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Snap Shots for the Yearbook!!
Yearbook photographers can’t be everywhere. 
If you have great photos from a School or Community happening, upload them here for us to try and include in the yearbook!

HS Calendar




For this year’s pep assembly we need 40 empty 2 liter pop bottles .If you have any lying around please bring them to Mrs. Cumming’s room (room 314).


We have upcoming college visits from Western Michigan University ,Central Michigan, Grand Valley, and Spring Arbor. Juniors and Seniors please see the counseling office to sign up.


Students please make sure if you are driving to school that you purchase a parking permit. School staff will be checking all cars have valid permits and that cars are parked in the correct.

If you need to purchase a permit pick up a form in Ms. Natzel’s office.

Students if you haven’t received your planner please stop by Ms. Natzel’s office to pick-up one.

The Art department will be selling knit hats at all lunches during homecoming week. $5 a piece.

If you are a boy who is not playing a fall sport and is interested in playing baseball, there is a meeting Wednesday September 24th at 2:35pm in the cafeteria.

Seniors there will be our float building tonight from 3-5pm before powder puff practice. This will be held at Madison Sharnowski’s house.

Remember next week is tryouts for the fall play.



One Dragon Drive
Swartz Creek, MI  48473
Phone: 810-591-1800
FAX: 810-591-1895

School Improvement Plan

Sandra Macut, Principal
(810) 591-1815

Rebecca Natzel
Secretary to Principal
(810) 591-1815

Jan Kauzlarich
Assistant Principal
(810) 591-1802

Brenda Tushim
(810) 591-1804

Rodney Hetherton
Assistant Principal
(810) 591-1803

Kristi Packer
(810) 591-1806

Detention Room
(810) 591-1826
Attendance Aide
(810) 591-1899