Fall Learning Plan Update

SCCS Families,

Good afternoon!  I have previously communicated with you about our fall learning program, but understandably, people are getting curious about the finite details. With everything we have faced to this point in 2020, I know families are looking for some assurance and some answers to things. It seems like these days we have more questions than answers in all areas of our lives. However, I am hopeful that this next week we will be able to give you some very real answers and plenty of details to make an informed decision for your child’s education.  

Over the course of the past several months, we have had teams of talented educators working on how we can offer a robust, meaningful, and safe learning experience for each of our students.  This work has ramped up recently, but the good news is that we are prepared, and we are ready. We will be offering our previously announced learning modalities to families. I will offer a very brief description of each modality here:

  1. Face-to-face - This is most similar to traditional school. However, we will be implementing a multitude of safety protocols with our new plan. This will mean kids are in school five days each week with a teacher teaching them each day.

  2. Blended (Hybrid) - This is where a student will complete much of their coursework online, but will also attend school two days each week. When the student attends school, they will be in a smaller environment with fewer students.

  3. Online - This modality is for students who will benefit from being completely educated at a distance. We are offering this solution to parents and families as an option, and in this case, the student will not need to attend school physically.

There is so much volatility in the world today with people fighting about sending kids back to school or not sending kids back to school. There are valid considerations to think about in both cases, however, we must work to understand each other and work collaboratively. I would like to offer the perspective that we are prepared to support your child, whatever your preference is. School should be a place of help and support, and we are working hard to provide all three options so that our families can experience the education that they need for their child.  For people who are concerned about safety, we have multiple options for you online and if you choose a face to face option, we have extremely robust protocols in place for sanitation, limiting gathering sizes, and PPE. If you are concerned about getting your kids back into a traditional school day setting, we are also doing what we can to safely and effectively make that possible again.  Our approach continues to be balanced and we love to support our kids and families wherever they are at.

Next week, on Friday, July 24, we will be communicating details that will allow you to make an informed decision about what learning modality is best for you and your child.  This communication on Friday will also include our final learning modality survey which will be your official election for the fall.  Please note that the district’s plans are dependent on the Governor determining that our region remains in Phase 4 or higher. If we are placed back into Phase 3 or lower, we will only be able to offer online/distance learning to our students. Please be sure to check your emails on Friday, July 24 as all of these details for the fall will be coming to you. We look forward to serving you again this next year and are optimistic about our future!

Thank you!

Ben Mainka, Superintendent
Swartz Creek Community Schools