Swartz Creek Community Schools is committed to providing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) rich environment for students to flourish in a project based, hands-on learning capacity.  After nine years of building an engaging program, SCCS students are given a safe and engaging environment that allows for learning through different facets. New State of the art STEAM wings on all of our buildings allow students at every grade level the opportunity to flourish in a setting different from that of a traditional classroom.
This Saturday June 4th the Swartz Creek Middle School derby team will race to the finish line in the annual Soap Box Derby. The Soap Box Derby races will start at 10AM- 2PM. The FLint Area Fun Races are from 2-4PM. We will be racing at Chevy Commons State Park in Downtown Flint near the Kettering Campus.
Come on out for a great time and check out the beautiful car the kids built.
Erosion and Weathering in Mr. Love's fourth grade class.
Taking STEAM to the CREEK.
Dieck students do some garden prep.
Dragon Summer Camp drone flying. Where's the math?
Elms students programming robots to clear the path.
SC Middle School Drama Club. Behind the scenes and on stage, so much talent.
Mrs. Kaczor's class learning how to construct an axle for their galimoto toy.
Middle School students experience solar power.
Team Work!
SC Middle Schoolers construct and test zipline flyers.
SC Middle School Art Department says, "blank canvas, we've got that covered!"
Robotics week at Gaines Elementary.
Students from all grade levels showcased their skills on STEAM Night at SC Middle School. Our science dpartment, art department, and Kettering Young Innovators had an oppertunity to impress their parents and community. Thank you to Flint River Watershed, MSU Extension, Flint Soap Box Derby, and Ketteroing University for your support tonight. Thank you to our PTO for the wonderful yummies!
Morrish Elementary explore with cardboard and plastic connectors.
Building Structures and EXCITEMENT!
Getting outside the the classroom for some fun learning at Morrish Elementary!
Mr. Fuller's Shop Class at the high school used this past year to construct many projects. Beautiful tables, chicken coops, and gardening beds were just a few. Not only did they construct these items but also presented them to the school board and marketed for sale and delivery.
Mr. Fuller's HS Law and History classdidn't just learn about the subject, they experienced it!
SC High Schoolers take an up close look!
CATAPULT! Student designed and made.
Mrs. Merrill's 8th graders are exploring bath bombs, and the chemical reaction that occurs when added to water. Does it release gas, and if so where does it come from? 
Miss. Guenther's PTLW class were outside today experincing tye dye. The result of learning the chemistry behind the process.
Mrs. Swales's 6th grade class experince the effects of subductive plates pushing up on water and the resulting tsunami.
If just one person drops one piece of trash, does it impact the enviroment? What if each of us drop just one piece of trash?
AP Physics not only belt the robotic cars, but program them to follow in platoon formation.
Swartz Creek students enigneer to prevent the egg from breaking when dropped.