Text Message Opt-In Program

Opt-In For Text Messaging!
Swartz Creek Community Schools wishes to keep our school community families informed through a variety of methods.  The most popular and immediate form of communication is through the the use of text messaging which our District prefers to use in those instances where speed of communication is critical such as school cancellations and safety alerts.
Unfortunately, our text messaging service is unavailable to parents that have not yet "opted-in" to the program and will continue to be left out when important alerts are being shared with the school community.
Don't miss out . . . !
Swartz Creek Community Schools families can opt into the system through the following methods:
1.) Follow the instructions provided on the opt-in flyer available by clicking on the link below.
                     Opt-In Flyer
2.) Use the QR Code . . . below which is the fastest method of all but does require the reader app.  Please be encouraged to get "opted-in" today!  Parents with questions are encouraged to call the Main Office of his/her child's school with any questions regarding this program. Thank you!  
Families that would like to Opt-In now for text messaging service can do so by following the instructions below.  
Parents with questions can check in with Main Office personnel at his/her child's school or review the "Frequently Asked Questions" document below.