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Welcome to the Swartz Creek Community Schools Operations Page.

The department orchestrates the procurement of substantially all materials and supplies used by Swartz Creek Community Schools in its day-to-day operations. 


Additionally, the department operates a warehouse to supply building needs for paper, school supplies, and assorted custodial supplies.  The warehouse is equipped with a loading dock capable of handling almost any semi-trailer as well as a pallet truck for offloading heavy items.  Deliveries of large/heavy items intended for individual school use are routed through the warehouse for ease of handling by school personnel.

The Swartz Creek Community Schools is responsible for the procurement of virtually all school supplies and equipment used in this 4,000+ student public school system. Competitive bidding in accordance with School Board Policy and State of Michigan statute is utilized to maximize the buying power of the district.



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Genesee County Community Water Quality Consortium

"Welcome to the Our Water website, your portal to all information related to Genesee County’s clean water initiatives. Here you will find information about upcoming events, USEPA’s Phase II program, maps of Genesee County’s watersheds, tips for keeping our water clean, and much more…"   
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8336 Cappy Lane
Swartz Creek, MI

FAX:  (810) 630-1056

Richard (RC) Hunt
Operations Director

(810) 591-2114


Corrie Wendt
(810) 591-2126


Michelle Robbins

Custodial Supervisor

Richard Bazzell

(810) 591-2116


Marty Hollenbeck
Copy Room
(810) 591-2118