Bus Changes

Friday May 27



High & Middle School - Both AM & PM


Bus 20 will be Ann in Bus 85 today


Bus 85 - 5000 Nichols, 10000 Hill ride with Diane in Bus 39

9000 Hill Rd and OakHill ride with Randy in Bus 63

8000 Hill Rd rides with Alex in Bus 23

8000 Bristol Rd rides with Tyler in Bus 38

4000 Seymour and Swartz Creek Estates stay with Ann in Bus 85





None Today




Dieck / Syring

Bus 20 will be doubled this morning


11000 Miller Rd, Swartz Creek Meadows and 10,000 & 11,000 Bristol Rd rides with John on Bus 62

His times should be a few minutes earlier than normal


Oakwood Village, Hill Rd, Nichols and Van Vleet will ride with Brad in Bus 35 - he will get them last

Please be patient he will be there as soon as he can.


9000 Bristol will ride with Tyler in Bus 38 - he will be there as soon as he can.  Please be out.


If you have the ability to drive your student into school this morning or pick them up this afternoon it would be most appreciated.



Elms / Morrish

No changes today



No changes today


Use of Video

The video captured from surveillance cameras will be viewed by District personnel on a random basis and/or when problems have been brought to the attention of the District. Students or staff whose recorded actions are deemed to violate District policies, administrative regulations, or provisions of law may be subject to disciplinary action. A video may be used by the District as evidence in any disciplinary action brought against any student or staff member arising out of the individual’s conduct on District property. When appropriate, video captured may be referred to or viewed by law enforcement agencies.


Retention and Release of Video

The District will comply with all applicable state and federal laws related to the retention and release of public records.