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Red Rover Absence Management System

Absence Management System 
Red Rover is our District's Absence Management System that all employees can access to log-in their absences. If you're ready to launch into the new system, please access Red Rover by clicking on the button below or type in the URL into your web browser:
If for any reason, you should forget your Red Rover login name or password you can manage recovery at the Red Rover Login page:
Red Rover - Staff Instructions
Please check out the slide deck that provides step-by step insructions for creating an absence:
Training Videos
Red Rover has provided some brief system training videos that explain the basic features found in our absence management system. Please consider watching the video that is applicable for your position by clicking on the desired video button below:
Red Rover has provided a comprehensive Tip-Sheet for employees that includes:
  • Managing Absences
  • Notifications
  • Substitute Teacher Mngmt.
Please check it out!
Staff that prefere to manage their absences via their smartphone, please download the highly functional Red Rover mobile  which is loaded with "Noticiations" options!