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Professional Development (SCECHs)

Traditional Professional Development

Our District will be offering both traditional and non-traditional District sponsored professional development. Traditional professional development will include our Districtwide full day professional development programs which have been scheduled in the 2022-23 District Calendar:

        • Monday, August 22, 2022
        • Monday, December 19, 2022 (Hosted Virtually)
        • Friday, June 2, 2023

These (3) full day programs will be complemented by (5) online courses that are from Educational Impact's  Trauma Online Academy (Basic Track):

Course Topic SCECH's
Trauma 1  ACE's & Trauma Awareness   2.5
Trauma 2  Dysregulation 3
Trauma 3  Respond, Don't React! 2.5
Trauma 4  Just Breathe - Practical Self-Regulation Strategies 2.5
Trauma 5  Scenarios 2.5
The Basic Track will help round out the remaining required professional development hours that our District is required to provide. The schedule for release and completion of the listed courses from the Basic Track have been made available below:
Trauma Online Academy - Completion Calendar
Course Launch Date Completion Deadline
Trauma 1 -- 11-14-22
Trauma 2 -- 1-4-23
Trauma 3
-- 2-13-23
Trauma 4 -- 4-10-23
Trauma 5 3-20-23 5-22-23
*Please note that this completion calendar will be used to assign SCECH's. If staff members finish the course after the deadline, please contact Kevin Klaeren ([email protected]) for assistance.  

Non-Traditional Professional Development

All of our buildings have important support functions that are provided to ensure building and staff preparedness to best educate students. Please review the list provided below:

    • Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Teams
    • Mentor Teacher Program
    • Supervision of Student Teachers
    • Counselor Development Programs
    • Admin. Leadership Team Professional Development

Regarding non-traditional professional development, the first “point of contact” for questions will be the building principal. If additional clarification or application forms are required, staff can contact the District SCECH Coordinator, Kevin Klaeren ([email protected]).




SCECH Earning Opportunities

Due to absences, cancellations or attendance issues, staff can fall off pace for earning adequate SCECHs to renew professional certificates. Certified staff can visit our PowerSchool - Professional Learning platform and search the released courses or join a PD Playlist to earn the posted SCECH's available for satisfactory completion of available courses. 

*Please reference the instructional slides (found in the right margin) for logging into the next Trauma Online Academy, Course/PD Playlist searches, and SCECH earning verification.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has also compiled a list of free or low cost professional development opportunities that staff can independently pursue to earn SCECH’s. Please reference the following linked document below:

MDE - Free & Low Cost Online Professional Learning

Two major sources referenced in the MDE Professional Development resource list include the following online learning platforms that are free to join. Regardless of your professional learning situation, all certified staff should consider registering and maintaining accounts with these organizations:



Staff members that have specific questions regarding District-sponsored professional development and SCECHs can contact Kevin Klaeren (Director of Curriculum & Compliance) at (810) 591-2388 or ([email protected]). 

New Teachers!

You will need to create a MEIS account first before attempting to create a MOECS account.  Please click on the link below to establish your MEIS account:

MEIS Account

With your MEIS account credentials, please reference the attached instructions below to set-up your MOECS account:

Support Documents
Principals and teachers may want to review the building-level instructions packet or the professional development schedule which have been attached below:
Professional Learning Platform Instructions
Please reference the instructional slide packets below to help with using the Professional Learning platform: