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Employee Accident Reports

If an employee is injured while performing assigned District duties,
the following actions are required of the employee:
 Immediately report the injury to the supervisor or building   principal.
 (Accident Report Forms can be obtained from the                                            Staff Forms & Links
 webpage on the District website).
3.  Inform the supervisor or building principal regarding plans to   report  to the District’s designated “Urgent Care” program and   which location (please reference chart).

11307 N. Linden Road

Clio, MI  48420

Ph.: (810) 564-7995 

Select Option #2

Fax: (810) 640-5110

7070 Miller Road

Swartz Creek, MI  48473

Ph.: (810) 564-7995 

Select Option #3

Fax: (810) 221-1340

1477 S. State Road

Davision, MI  48423

Ph.: (810) 564-7995 

Select Option #5

Fax: (810) 221-1340

 Hours: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Seven Days a week
 Hours: 9:00AM-10:00PM Mon.-Fri.
10:00AM-10:00PM Sat.-Sun.
 Hours: 10:00AM -10:00PM
Seven Days A Week
Critical Notes:
  • Employees with work-related injuries cannot report to a health care provider or doctor of their choice. Work-related injuries are NOT covered by our medical insurance carrier.
  • Employees must NOT delay reporting to AMD Urgent Care regarding treatment of work-related injuries. Treatment is to be sought that same day or the following morning if outside AMD Urgent Care operating hours.
After Any Visit To AMD Urgent Care . . .
Please return any documentation from the attending physician to the
HR Specialist
Keri Goupil
Please contact the
HR Specialist
Keri Goupil