Once clicking on the TSA Consulting button above: Follow the instructions provided on the TSA webpage by clicking on the Start Transaction button.


1. Complete Part I - "Emplyee Certification" by clicking on Confirm.


2. Complete Part 2 - "Employer Information" - by selecting "Michigan" in the pull down menu followed by selecting the Employer - "Swartz Creek Community Schools."


3. Complete Part 3 - "Participant's Information" and click on Search when ready. The "Participant Information" box will expand asking for additional personal information. Continue the process by clicking Submit.


Please Note: Please ensure to fill in any "red shaded boxes" as this

information is required. These fields are also marked with an asterisk.

4. Complete Part 4 - "Salary Reduction Agreement Information" by inputting the Effective Date of your selected contribution amount that will be entered in this designated field listed as:

Total Per Pay Dollar Amount  


Then proceed to the desired contribution type(s):

  • 403(b) Contributions

  • 457(b) Contriubtions


Once in the selected contriubtion box, you must select your Investment Provider and input your New Amount.  


Please Note: You do not have to input the "Previous Amount" to complete the transaction.


5. Please verify all of your new entries and complete the transaction buy clicking on Finished followed by Submit.


TSA Consulting information for 403(b) or 457(b) loan, rollover, withdrawal, transfer, exchange or hardship requests should be handled as instructed below:


The cover sheet form below must be completed and accompany your investment company transaction paperwork.


Once completed, please fax form to (866)741-0645 or email to:



*See info at bottom of cover sheet.


Questions? Please call TSA Consulting at (888) 796-3786.

403(b) & 457(b) Information

Click the link below to START, STOP or CHANGE a 403(b) or 457(b) Salary Reduction Agreement:

Please click the button below to get started with your plan enrollment: